Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)

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What is Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)?

CIMT is a technique used with both children and adults diagnosed with hemiplegia. This treatment method aims to facilitate active functional movement in the affected arm and hand.

During therapy the unaffected limb is ‘constrained’ in a mitt or splint whilst the affected limb is subjected to a targeted therapy program of specific exercises and activities to help encourage the gradual development of active functional movement. The mitt or cast can be worn for a short period of time daily or for a number of weeks.

Tailored Programs 

Each CIMT program is tailored specifically to the child and their individual goals, so your therapist will discuss with you in depth what they expect to gain from a programme.

How Can CIMT Help?

CIMT is an evidence based, patient centred treatment plan based around functional goals. The therapy is intensive and requires commitment from the client as well as family/carers but is proven to have long lasting results. Current research on this treatment shows that traditional and modified CIMT programs can help towards improvement of hand function and achievement of realistic motor goals. By increasing the use of the affected arm during CIMT, it has been shown to strengthen neural connections and increase activity in the part of the brain responsible for movement of the affected body part.

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